Lunch and Dinner made Zero-Waste

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Reuse Solution for Takeout

Turnkey solution for restaurants to offer their customers a fully zero-waste experience for every meal including deliveries.

Plug and Play

Buoy system is easily installed and doesn't need additional hardware. Sign up, install the App, and we send you Buoy containers.

Cleaning Service

Buoy offers cleaning services so you don't have the hassle of cleaning the containers in your restaurant. 

Customer Ready

The Buoy app also works on mobile browsers, so your customers can register in a minute while queueing

No Deposit & No Fee

Like you, we don't like to be charged a deposit, so we designed our system to ensure you have the full benefit of your money.

Again, as packaging has always been included in restaurant prices we decided to charge the restaurant only and let them include it in their pricing or charge you a little extra for the sustainable and unique take away experience.

No deposit, only a card check.

No subscription & No fee for customers.

Small usage and cleaning fees for restaurants.

How it works

Using QR codes to track containers, each restaurant manages its own stock and transfers it to customers just by scanning the QR codes from a tablet or phone. Customers can also benefit from the service when ordering online or on DoorDash, Uber Eats and other apps.

Select a restaurant & order your meal

Choose a restaurant on the Buoy app and get forwarded to their website where you order for pick-up or delivery.

Pickup or Receive your order

Let the restaurant scan your user code or add it in your online order and enjoy a Zero-Waste meal.

Return your boxes or get them picked up

Rinse and then drop off your container at a Buoy drop-off bin or request a home pick-up for $3.

Full service for cities or communities

Buoy provides a full-service solution, from container design and manufacturing to operations management, including collection, inventory management, and cleaning.

It is the first turnkey solution in the US and a perfect partner for cities, communities, companies or even states who want to drasticaly reduce their waste.

Complete solution for cities or communities.

Able to work in parallel with single use compostable packaging.

Respectful of the customers' choice.

Ready to scale following market maturity. 

Made in the USA

All our containers are manufactured in California with 100% solar energy.

Safe & Healthy

FDA Food grade certified, BPA free, No toxins and healthy for humans and the environment.

Recycled & Recyclable

Our boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic and we recycle dammaged containers into new ones.

Ocean Bound Plastic

100% Ocean Bound Plastic collected from rivers and coastal regions in North America.

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